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February6-104-Day Advanced Controls & Drives
March20-24All Products School
April18-20Introduction to Controls
May22-24Dryer Service Training
June19-22Curtain Call on Legacy Units
August7-9Introduction Controls & Drives
September18-21Advanced Controls (Registration Full)
October9-13All Products School

Course Descriptions
5-Day: All Products School – Instructors, Bennie Garrett and Tim Mosley
This class provides general and in-depth information on Quincy’s product range, including rotary and piston air compressors, vacuum pumps, controls, accessories and troubleshooting. This class covers basic electrical operation as well as the description of components. The controls training provides attendees with a better knowledge and understanding of the unit control options Quincy offers. They will gain knowledge in operating, networking and troubleshooting the various types of Quincy electronic controls.

3-Day: Introduction Controls & Drives – Instructor, Justin Mayfield (Computer Required)
This class is an introduction to Quincy’s new controller. We will cover all screens on the new controllers and how they are used. We will discuss the software used with the new controllers, Speci5 and Modi5, as well as how to download the software and how to update it. We will download software to the controllers along with other hands on exercises pertaining to each topic discussed. We will discuss the capabilities of the new controllers along with the systems that accompany it such as ICONS. We will also discuss variable speed compressor control along with common troubleshooting tips and practices. This will be an introduction to the controllers and drives found on Quincy Compressors along with hands on exercises and examples throughout the class with each topic.

4-Day: Advanced Controls & Drives – Instructor, Justin Mayfield (Computer Required)
This class is for the more computer savvy technicians. You must have a basic knowledge of Quincy’s new controllers prior to attending this class. We will cover the software Speci5 and Modi5 in detail; you must already have the software on your computer and have already used it in the field as this is not an introductory class. We will cover Networking in depth with Priority Management, Manual Sequences, Equal Wear, Delayed Second Stop, and the different control regions. We will discuss controller addressing and configuration when connecting to external systems. We will discuss ICONS along with its operation and training on the Customer Website and with the Admin Website. We will discuss Controller Retrofit options and where they can be used. We will discuss Modbus/Profibus Gateways along with all remote monitoring options. We will discuss the Net$ync II system. We will discuss the new dives being used by Quincy Compressor. We will discuss variable speed compressor control and how it works along with common troubleshooting tips and practices. Again this will be an advanced class so we will not be introducing the controllers, as you should already know them well, and we will spend more time with hands on examples and exercises.

3-Day: Dryer Service Training – Instructor, Carl Smith
This course is designed for the tech that is new to the Quincy dryer lines. It will include an introduction to the entire line of Quincy dryers, and their operation. You will cover basic refrigeration theory, the dynamics of desiccant operation, and be introduced to the controller families, along with troubleshooting. The course will include both class room and hands on training across three days. Laptops and refrigeration training are not required for this course.

4-Day Curtain Call on Legacy Units – Instructor, Bennie Garrett
This class will cover the older units and their controls. If you need an update to the unit operation and how they work, this is your chance to learn. These classes for legacy units are going away and will not be offered in the future. Power-$ync, QGV units with older controls, QSI and many other units will be presented at this 4-day training.

Fee Schedule:
Service School – $250

Sales School – $0

Cancellation/No Show Policy
Any attendee who fails to report to class following verbal confirmation two weeks in advance will incur a $250 no show fee.

Quincy Compressor reserves the right to cancel a class at any time and will not be held responsible for any travel fees registrants may incur. In the event that a class is cancelled, Quincy will make every effort to alert attendees as soon as possible.

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